Achieving quality through
creative craftsmanship

Brain–craft –art
Ideas generate in our heads. However, even the best idea remains just an idea if you don't put it to paper and create a concept around it. Especially in a field where aesthetics play a crucial role, illustration helps us understand and decide what works, both visually and functionally. We call this concept and implementation planning!

Handcraft is a concept we're very fond of, because it’s exactly what helped us develop our core competence in this sector and consolidate our business over many years. Once the concept stands and all development stages are clearly defined, it's time to start the hands-on phase of the project, working both on-site and in our premises, strictly following the rules of our trade.

Hand in hand,
from one hand.

Modus is more than just a carpentry workshop. Using our specialist competence in the carpentry sector, we're committed to offering holistic solutions that match the high-quality work and creations of our workshop.
To make this possible, we rely on several in-house specialists to provide our customers with a wide range of additional and supplementary services, both for small interior design projects and large-scale property developments. Where necessary, we refer to external specialists from our partner companies. In short, we work across all sectors to offer complete turnkey solutions.